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Fabrication of SERS and Fluorescence Sensors Useful in Detection of R6G and Ionic Phosphate Respectively

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dc.description.abstract This dissertation focuses on organically synthesized sensors. A variety of projects were worked on to find the best method of a selective and sensitive sensor. Findings presented in this dissertation will cover a fluorescence based sensor used to detect ions as well as a Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) active sensor that can achieve low Rhodamine 6G (R6G) quantification. Fluorescent probes are of vast research interest due to the ease of fabrication, high sensitivity, selectivity, and application in both in vivo/in vitro studies. Coumarin compounds are innately fluorescent and are ultimately suitable as fluorescent probes. By altering the mechanism used as well as the probe compound, the target analyte can vary. Work performed in this dissertation synthesized a variation of Coumarin that was suitable in phosphate and sulfate detection methods. When in solution, the chemodosimeter proved to be selective in distinguishing between four ions out of the eleven tested. Beyond detection, the sensor was capable of quantification of these ions when in solution. Raman SERS substrates are another type of sensor that can prove incredibly useful by increasing the intensity in a given spectrum. Using a metallic nanoparticle material, the localized surface plasmon resonance helps achieve an amplified signal. A novel SERS substrate was fabricated utilizing both silver nanostars and mesoporous silica nanoparticles that was suitable in R6G detection. Using this sensor, R6G was capable of being quantified down to 100 pM. Findings presented in the work below were achieved using prior research and new concepts. Both sensors described proved to be reproducible and stable materials. This dissertation will go into detail of the fabrication and utilization of these sensor based materials and applications of testing methods.
dc.title Fabrication of SERS and Fluorescence Sensors Useful in Detection of R6G and Ionic Phosphate Respectively 2019-09-05T22:09:09Z
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