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Case analysis of sexual violence programs on college campuses

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dc.description.abstract ABSTRACT President Obama created a White House Task Force in January 2014 that revealed many colleges were not complying with several federal mandates regarding safety of students/employees when reporting sexual assaults on campus. This doctoral comparative case study analysis looked at the statistics of sexual violence on college campuses, the mandates given to colleges to immediately comply with, and the best practices many colleges are striving to find. Three cases were examined, contrasted, compared, and analyzed, along with literature that’s emerging daily to find best practices for a community college in Delaware. The study was able to find best practices regarding local programs, prevention and awareness that includes bystander intervention, reporting and investigating methods, confidentiality, climate surveys, and the allocation of resources to better protect students and employees from violence on college campuses. The study looked at the theoretical framework of the three waves of feminism, social learning theory, and differential association theory of deviance, to look at the culture of rape and how this could be used to change the campus climate to a less hostile environment for men, gay, lesbian, women, transgender and non-conforming, races, ethnicities, those with disabilities, and those with any other differences collectively. This study also used transformational and educational leadership practices to develop collaborative models toward future research and community college, university, state-level, and national-level campus and community collaboration.
dc.title Case analysis of sexual violence programs on college campuses 2019-09-05T22:09:03Z
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