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Exploring the Impact of Educating Nursing Students in Higher Education on Trauma and Trauma Informed Care

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dc.description.abstract ABSTRACT According to Felitti, et al, (1998) more than half of the population had one exposure to an adverse childhood experience. Knowing this, the healthcare system must be prepared to care for these individuals. Unfortunately, unless nurses are being trained in their institutions they are not receiving TIC education in theory undergraduate studies. This raises the question of how are they expected to care for these patients if they do not know the correlation trauma has on their physical, emotional and cognitive health. The purpose of this research study was to ascertain the impact of a trauma and trauma-informed care education session on nursing students who were currently enrolled in a mental health nursing course. This quantitative, quasi-experimental research study was completed by implementing a pre-survey, followed by an education session which was given by the researcher, and then a post-survey was administered. The researcher conducted a paired t-test to analyze the data from both surveys to determine the statistical significance. The research question revealed a significant finding. The mean score of the pre-survey and the post-survey displayed an increase in knowledge of all the topics included in the survey. The findings also supported the fact that even though the nursing students were knowledgeable, the education session reinforced and expanded their knowledge. The p-value or significance of all the survey questions were .001. which indicates the null hypothesis is rejected and the alternative hypothesis is true. In conclusion, even though nursing students perceive they are knowledgeable of trauma and trauma-informed care the post-survey results revealed an increase in knowledge for each individual survey question.
dc.title Exploring the Impact of Educating Nursing Students in Higher Education on Trauma and Trauma Informed Care 2019-05-30T19:05:53Z
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