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Electrical Conductive Polymer Film

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dc.description.abstract We report a conformal coating of thin electronic film using polyaniline (PANI), for which a highly bulk dopant, dinonylnaphthalenesulfonic acid (DNNSA), was used for synthesizing the electrically conductive polymer. Corresponding polymer was observed to show enhanced processability in organic solvents. Additional solution doping with m-cresol was found to be helpful for decreasing the surface resistance of the polymer film. The electrical resistance of corresponding films was observed to be 60.3 Ω/□ after post film doping processes were applied. The polymer layer was coated on a flexible aramid paper (NOMEX®, DuPont) varying the coating conditions for finding a sweet spot. Resultant polymer coats on the conformal substrate were observed to show promising surface resistance (140 Ω/□) showing any disadvantage in the mechanical integrity.
dc.title Electrical Conductive Polymer Film 2018-09-20T12:44:44Z
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